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North Harbor Club

About us

Our unique decor may just surprise you. From the large sailboat greeting you at the door to the unusual and historic watercraft mounted from the ceilings, your dining experience will always be intriguing. Something different may catch your eye on every visit.

One of three boats hanging from the ceilings is called a "scull". Situated in the main dining room, this two-man "rowing" boat was used to compete in the Royal Henley Regatta in the mid-1970's the race, however, dates to 1829 with a meeting between Oxford and Cambridge Universities and has run every year since except during the World Wars. A "shell", or one-man boat, is located in the Boathouse (our banquet room).
Situated over the bar area is an 18' Old Towne "H.W. Model" canoe, dating back to 1913. Its setting is complete with boat dock, fishing tackle, and an old pair of shoes - all upside down! This model was built specifically for use on large rivers, lakes, large ponds and salt water. The lines are speedy and graceful, with the same care given by the Indians to their bark canoes.
Do you have a boat? We have 9 boat slips for you to dock your boat. So come on out and enjoy the North Harbor Club experience with your family and friends. Look forward to seeing you.
Give us the opportunity to make your event memorable. We look forward to serving and seeing you soon!