North Harbor Club is the perfect destination for your next boating excursion. We have thirteen slips that are complimentary for patrons of the restaurant at a first come, first serve basis. We are located in the Davidson Creek area, at marker T4.

North Harbor Club Coordinates:
35⁰  50′  64.4″ N
80⁰  86′  79.6″ W


Dress Code Policy:

North Harbor Club’s Dress Code is Family- Friendly Casual.
We ask that all of our guests (children included) that stop to dine with us come dressed appropriately – Shoes and Shirts/Appropriate Cover-Ups are absolutely required.
Please come prepared when docking your boat to dine in with us.


Outside Food/Beverage Policy:

Due to North Carolina State Law and Health Regulations, we are not able to permit guests bringing opened beverages and outside food into our establishment. We require that all beverages consumed on our premises are purchased from North Harbor Club.
If you are wanting to bring in your own bottle of wine, bottle must be un-opened, and a $15 Corkage Service Fee will be implemented so that we can serve it to you.
If you are wanting to bring in a Cake, we charge a Cake Service Fee of $15.


Pet Policy:

Here at North Harbor Club, we welcome guests that want to bring their furry friends with them on our Patio while they relax and dine at the lake.
We require that all pets that join us are on a leash, well behaved, and be kept off the furniture during their visit.
Please keep in mind that inclement weather may limit our seating available, and you may be asked to move your location during your visit.


In-Between Service Hours:

During 4:00PM – 5:00 PM, our kitchen and dining areas goes into intermission to set up for dinner service. We welcome all guests that want to stop by during that hour, and have appetizers and drinks available at the bar and cocktailing area. If you are wanting to wait to be seated for dinner service, please let our hosts know and they will seat you once service begins.